5 Amazing Video Games That Got Canceled, Never to Be Played Again

The Scoop: Business is one complex mixture. There are too many factors that contribute to the failure of some games in the gaming industry. However, it is sad to know that even the best games can suffer. Find out some of the video games that got canceled and you’ll never get to play.

It is true that there are plenty of games releasing and are being developed each year. However, a sad and painful truth exists: not all of those games get to see the light of day.

This is common for small game developers who don’t have enough resources to continue in making a game. However, this is also a case that can happen to famous and big companies making legendary games.

Here are some of the amazing video games that canceled, never to be played ever again.

Mega Man Universe

Mega Man
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Five years before the release of the hit Super Mario Maker, Capcom was already on the case of benefiting their games with the internet. Mega Man Universe is supposed to be Capcom’s version of Super Mario Maker where their star, Mega Man, gets to continue his adventures through user-generated levels.

Even though Capcom said that the development stopped due to “various circumstances”. It is probably because of the Earthquake and not because Mega Man’s maker, Keiji Inafune, left Capcom to create his own company which released Mighty No. 9. Yeah, it probably was the earthquake.


Via Forbes

Another game from one of the big boys in the gaming industry is turned to dust. Blizzard’s Titan is supposed to be a Massive Multiplayer Online or MMO that depends on how well their current MMO is doing: World of Warcraft. Setting in the near-future of Earth, where players get to do mundane tasks by day and chaos wars by night.

Unfortunately, while making Titan, the team struggled for the game development for years before throwing in the towel. However, some concept and art designs from Titan became the foundation of one of the popular games of now: Overwatch. Titan may have crumbled to dust but Overwatch rose from those ashes and made history.

Fallout Online

Via Fallout Wiki

Fallout is one of the timeless games that players still fall in love with over and over again. One of the features that fans look forward to from the game is multiplayer features. And they will(or would have gotten it) through Fallout Online via Interplay, the original owner of Fallout.

Even though Bethesda already owned the rights to the game, Interplay can still create an MMO based on the game’s world with a few deadlines attached. Not making it, Bethesda and Interplay exchanged legal disputes which ended in the cancellation of the game’s development. There is still hope though, that Fallout fans might have their very own post-apocalyptic world someday.


Via GameZone

The company behind the famous Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption cooked up a little something called Agent. The game was announced and planned to launch as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Agent offers players a world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations.

This project is going to a standstill though. This is because the company is too focused on other projects such as Grand Theft Auto V and as of now, they are setting their attention to Red Dead Redemption 2. If these projects are starting to wear out their welcome in the gaming industry(which is close to impossible) then we won’t be hearing of Agent until then.

Star Wars Battlefront III

star wars
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Star Wars is a popular and well-loved series both in movies and in games. Therefore, when Free Radical showed the pre-alpha build of the game, everyone was ecstatic. The developed sequel promises more of the same and well-loved previous version which made it more interesting to fans everywhere.

However, due to “financial problems” despite being 99% finished, Star Wars Battlefront III got canceled and scrapped forever. There will be a Star Wars Battlefront 3 to be released for fans but it will never be this one.

Gone but the Internet Never Forgets

We will never know what the gaming industry will be if these games managed to conquer the difficulties and had launched. However, there are some good things that happened with these failures. Like Titan. We won’t know if it will become just as popular as Overwatch but without Titan’s downfall, there will be no Overwatch.

Although these games won’t also see the light of day, the internet will never forget them.

So which video game that got canceled you looked forward to most before?

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