7 WordPress Payment Plugins (Free and Paid)

Startup is not just a buzzword. Youngpreneurs are paving their way on the modern business world with ambition, innovation, and dedication. Not to mention that the challenges are limitless and you have to embrace it with guts and wits. Selling products and services online is the key earning source of startups. To do that, you have to set up a global payment system for an easy as well as secure payment processing.

I hope your website is on WordPress, and you can get help from thousands of WordPress plugins for various needs. From social sharing to newsletter box, contact form to author box, you can do a lot of things with WordPress plugins. Now come to the point: how to enable a rigorous payment system to an eCommerce website. Ans: with WordPress payment plugins.

With a WP payment plugin, you can easily and effectively set up the right payment system for users to pay for buying products from your store.

What to look for in WordPress payment plugins

As you’re looking for a great solution via WordPress payment plugins, you need to find out several features in a tool. To ensure a robust performance these characteristics should be included in those plugins.

Seamless payment processing

If you can’t assist your users in completing payment smoothly, customer satisfaction level will drop to an unexpected level, and it might impact awfully.   

Easy for everyone

Users come from different backgrounds. The system should be convenient for everyone without requiring any specific knowledge or experience.

Multiple payment gateways

As there’s no unified payment gateway in the world, you have to keep more than one options so that people can pay with more comfort and freedom

Custom amount setting

In some situations, you need to allow people to input their desired amount. Make sure your plugin offers that straightforward yet significant feature.

Mobile responsive

A substantial number of people use mobile devices for shopping. You need to keep your payment system utterly uncompromising for any device.

7 Awesome Payment Plugins for WordPress Websites

There are both free and paid options available. If you’re not ready to spend for setting up the payment system initially, go for the free WordPress payment plugin. The premium versions hold a bunch of extra features which might be helpful to uplift your business. It’s as simple as that. Otherwise, the preliminary tasks can be handled with any of the free tools described below.

WPPayForm (Free + Paid)

WordPress payment plugins

WPPayForm is for the serious people who would like to go beyond the limits. Every single feature it presents tells that you can use the plugin to take your business closer to your customers. Without having a smooth payment option, you can’t make it too far. PayForm knows it well and brought you the best solution with its responsive structure and user-friendly layout. Whether you’re a tech-savvy or a non-techy, this plugin treats both equally. From wp.org, you’ll get the free version, and you have to visit the official site to get the premium option of this WordPress payment plugin. While the free version only offers Stripe, you can enjoy PayPal with the paid selection.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway (Free)

WordPress payment plugins

Let’s give your customers an easy option to pay with credit cards while shopping on your online store. The tool ensures a robust facility to allow a set of advanced payment options by implementing Stripe’s API. Now your users can complete the payments with popular cards like Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and more including digital payment systems like Alipay and Google Pay. Stripe is the simplest solution to enable users to checkout with various cards they hold in their pocket. More interestingly, Stripe is available across different regions of the world, mostly Europe and North America. Above all, you don’t have to pay to Stripe in the name of setup fee or monthly cost unless you have earned money. 

WP Full Stripe (Paid)

WordPress payment plugins

WP Full Stripe is another powerful payment plugin which will bring you enormous, creative features to ease the payment process. Whatever products or services you’re selling, accept payments easily by setting up this tool on your website. Not only the plugin is multi-browser compatible, but it has documentation that clarifies everything for its all-level users. Recurring payment option, custom thank you page set up, saving cards are some of the outstanding features you’ll enjoy along the way. Need VAT support? You’ll get that and more engaging facilities. If you’re ready to spend a little, then you can get access to the world of privilege. 

Stripe Payments (Free)

WordPress payment plugins

Receiving payments on your WordPress sites is no more a tough job since you’ve got Stripe Payments beside you. It helps accept payments from credit cards using the smart gateway provided by Stripe. Moreover, it’s easy to up and running while you can add “Buy Now” buttons to make the purchasing more comfortable. Additionally, the remembering option helps your customers to pay further without typing the information again. The responsive layout of this plugin makes it perfectly visible on every screen. Customers can see the transaction details from the “Checkout Result” page right after they completed the payment.

PayPal & Stripe Add-on for Contact Form 7 (Free and Paid)

First of all, this is not a standalone payment plugin like all others described in the list. Surely it has a true dependency on Contact Form 7 – the most loved plugin of contact form industry – yet you can rely on it for taking your business to a new height. Although it requires you to make some complex decisions (e.g., start using contact form 7 whereas you might be a fan of another form builder), you’ll end up having a fantastic experience. For the CF7 users, it’s a plus point. I suggest you try this plugin (the free version) with your form-building tool then decide the next steps. Sending emails, on-site payment collection, charge for shipping, and more options make the premium version is worth to try. Which version of CF7 you’re using doesn’t create an impact with this plugin. You will enjoy the full freedom there.

Direct Stripe (Free)

Stripe WordPress plugin

Direct Stripe is also a popular WordPress payment plugin which shines when you use it to set up a world-class payment processing system. It’s based on Stripe and supports all type of cards to get payments quickly. Despite being a free tool, it has some mind-boggling features like beautiful checkout buttons. Among the plethora of options available inside the plugin, you can pick the ones you need for your website. Easy customization, changing the button’s appearance, GDPR checkbox, and asking for billing address – you get all the essential options right there, ready for you. Set up the payment option right now on your eCommerce site with Direct Stripe. 

WP Simple Pay (Free + Paid)

WP Simple Pay is a superb plugin which can solve the complex problem regarding online payment of your eCommerce website. Every single feature it introduces is a stellar way to boost your business by setting up it as a brilliant way of making the payment option more user-friendly. The remarkable list of features holding this plugin will encourage your users to pay without any hassle. Furthermore, if you want to get more outstanding features, you have to choose the pro version. You can create as many forms as you wish as WP Simple Pay offers an unlimited number of forms. Apart from that, you will find some exciting features, such as many custom fields and embedding custom forms.

Over to you

Success all the way depends on making smart decisions, especially when you want to reach the pinnacle of online entrepreneurship. Choosing the right tool for making a robust payment system is a cardinal task you have to determine. Thanks to WordPress payment plugins as you can easily start accepting payments from your customers. As there are both free and paid options available you can go for anyone that favors you.

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