5 Things To Remember In Marketing Your Business For Cyber Monday

November is here… and aside from Thanksgiving, one thing that most online users look forward to during this month is the Cyber Monday. This happens the Monday after Thanksgiving which happens every fourth Thursday of November. Cyber Monday is considered as the biggest online shopping day of the year and it is mostly done by consumers as preparation for the coming Holidays.

The hype of Cyber Monday is something that most consumers sought-after. This is the time where they can get the best deals for online shopping. For marketers, on-the-other-hand, Cyber Monday is a day that they should level up their marketing campaign. Consumers are heading to different online stores searching for Holiday gifts thus, it is also a place the day that marketers should gear up to attract more customers than their competitors can.

Let’s take a look on some of the essential tips in marketing brand for Cyber Monday.


An effective campaign starts with a good plan. Before you can proceed with the execution, you need to come up with a plan on how to pull off a successful campaign and avoid marketing mistakes. Start by knowing who your customers are. You need to figure out what your customers want and what they are interested in.

Check your online analytics to know who your buyers are, what the activities they do on your site, and in what aspects you still need improvement. You can base your campaign from these information.

For instance, if you have more customers who are tech-savvy, you can focus more on marketing gadgets and gadgets’ accessories for Holidays. But also from time to time, do not forget to market other products as well.

Market Your Brand Based On The Theme

Emotional marketing is the term coined when marketing campaign appeal directly to the consumer’s emotional state, needs, and interests. This is the kind of marketing you need to utilize in your campaign.

best buy Holiday campaign
credit: bestbuy.com

The Holidays is a season of giving. If you make a campaign that emphasizes the essence of giving this season, you can attract more customers to go to your store. Personalize your website to connect to your consumers in a more sincere level. Furthermore, you should launch your Cyber Monday and Holiday campaign about a month before the big day. Best Buy, for example, has launched their campaign as early as October.

Create Themed-Focus Content

Along with promoting your website for that day, you also need to back it up with good themed-focus content. Your content should send a message to your readers so make sure that it is easy to understand.

Similar to marketing your brand, you also need to create content that stirs in emotion and at the same time attract your consumers. You need to create content that are relatable to Holidays for most viewers. One example of this is the TV ad made by Apple in 2013. Their ads draw in huge demographics, specifically from users with families whom they want to connect with.


credit: Matthew Miller, Apple – Holiday – TV Ad – Misunderstood (youtube.com)

Do Omni-channel Marketing

Gone are the days when marketers and business only needs one single channel to market their products and services. These days, you need to utilize all effective channels to market your brand especially now that the Holidays are fast approaching.

Consumers have different ways of shopping. Some may prefer going to physical stores while others may prefer to go online. Regardless of what channel the consumers use, you need to provide them with a seamless way to access your website. This will ensure that when consumers your store, they will stick to it and stay on it longer.

When you are in an e-commerce business, Cyber Monday is an important date to mark. Now that Cyber Monday is coming, it is time to sort out your campaign and brainstorm on strategies to take advantage of the huge flock of consumers that are coming.

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