5 SEO Facts Every SEO Beginner Should Know

The Scoop: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the essential factors that one should know when entering the world of the internet.  It is especially important when you wanted to enter the world of digital business. Before you begin, here are some SEO facts every SEO beginner should know.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is complex and very dynamic fueled by the same nature of technology and the internet. However, it is a very exciting field to be in which helps exercise your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By knowing the ins and outs of SEO, you will be able to improve the rankings of your site better than before.

Other than that, SEO can also assist you in more than just ranking up your site. You can manage your reputation through SEO as well. Moreover, it can also boost your digital marketing campaign.

Therefore, here are some of the facts every beginner should know regarding SEO.

How Fast Your Page Loads Matter… A Lot

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Google values their users and aims provide the best of the best when it comes to search engines. A slow page load not only causes stress to users everywhere but it’s actually one of the factors that decide whether Google should rank your site or not. This applies to both desktop and mobile sites. Check how fast your page loads using PageSpeed Insights from Google for a credible source to analyze your site with.

A Crash Course in Sitemaps

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If you think that everything is spick and span, check again because you might have missed something. Like a sitemap. You may think that it doesn’t have much use but it plays an essential role that can help rank your site. Sitemaps enable easy passage for Google to search or crawl your pages, making an easier indexing for each and every page for your website. This is especially important when you plan or have a big website with plenty of pages.

Keep Your Pages in HTTPS

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Since Google values the experience of their users on the internet. This secures the users that use your site from hackers that are just waiting from the sidelines to attack unsuspecting websites and network connections that aren’t secure. This is critical when you are having an e-commerce website where your customers get to transact with you with their financial information. Other than that, Chrome is issuing warnings to users that redirects them away from possible harmful sites.

Keep Redirects for At Least A Year

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Your site is not the only site that Google and their bots are indexing and crawling. It will take approximately a month before Google recognize that your site has changed URLs or is moved. It is recommended that you keep your 301 redirects live for at least a year. This way Google will be able to index your pages accordingly and properly.

Be Up-to-Date with SEO

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Nothing beats learning through reading. The internet is full of resources rich in lessons and guides regarding SEO and its application. Make sure that you are updated with the current information of SEO to get the most out of it. You never know that outdated techniques and methods will be the cause of your site being penalized. Perfect sites for these kinds of research is Search Engine Land, Search Engine Roundtable and Google Webmaster Central.

Improve SEO Knowledge for Better Application

Before jumping into the fray, arm yourself of SEO wisdom in order to know what to do, what not to do and what to expect. Knowledge is key to the problems that await you in the world of digital marketing and SEO. Other than that, experiencing them by yourself is also one of the best ways to learn the ropes of SEO.

So do you have any more ideas to add to help SEO beginners?

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