5 Ideas For Superhero Business Cards

Normal individual during the day, butt-kicking hero at night. Sure enough, some superheroes are having a hard time in balancing their time and schedule. They’ve got normal lives to deal with, and it’s always their mission to save the day. It’s a hassle and struggle for them I think. And since that they are busy and always in a rush, a business card is ideal for their schedule. But how can they have one when they have two personalities?

Now halt your vigorous hormones, dear hero and life saver of the day. There now comes a business card that will both answer to your human and supernatural needs. Check out the samples gathered by BusinessCardKing below:

For Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman

source : http://designtaxi.com/

For our dear bat dude, this card will fit enough with his luxurious life at Gotham city. The white minimal color of his business card as Bruce Wayne is a total contrast with the business card that he got as a superhero. It’s has an amazing logo of a bat, one signature that would remind you of his vigilance in protecting the city.

For Clark Kent a.k.a Superman

source: paperspecs.com

Our dear nerdy hero would be fit enough to have a business card with a minimal color of red and white. But do not be misled with its simplicity and fonts. Having this design would only serve as a decoy. Well of course a superhero needs to keep a low profile in order to hide his real identity. And the color of raging red would fit his personality. As for his superhero side, well you know his color. Shades of blue, red, and yellow would of course dominate the overall look of his business card.

Walter White a.k.a Heisenberg

source: http://designtaxi.com/

Ever remember this guy in Breaking Bad series? Oh yeah, you know his cocky and mysterious behavior whenever he’s saving the world. For his daytime business card, some school professor theme would do good for his normal self. For the hero side, some icon of a bearded guy would fit much for him. A tag line that says of “Say my name” would complete it all.

Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman

source: http://designtaxi.com/

Working as a hardworking secretary during the day, our dear feline heroine would really fit for a business card with a touch of wicked corporate theme. You see, she’s working for an evil business magnate named Max Shreck. But when the night comes and the city howls with help, Selina comes out as a dangerous feline ready to pounce and attack to anyone who comes her way. Some alluring scratch in her heroine card would do for her flexible and sexy personality.

Oscar Diggs a.k.a Wizard of Oz

source: paperspecs.com

Well probably you wouldn’t know the guy named Oscar Diggs. He had a pretty bad record as a lousy magician when he escaped his angry audience in his own reality world. Yeah, the balloon icon on his daytime business card would serve as his glorious exit and also as his great entrance in the land of Oz. But the green one would forever reminds us all how he ruled Emerald City and the Land of Oz.


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