13 Things You Didn’t Know Your Samsung 9 Could Do

So you already upgraded from your old keypad phone to the brand new Samsung S9? Then congratulations! You are now holding an amazing gadget that can do a lot of things for you. The Samsung 9 is one of the fastest, powerful and powerful Smartphone with plenty of neat features. If you are wondering what to do with your new Android phone, then here are some tips for you.

Are you ready?

Then let’s keep moving. Here are some of the things that you can do to your amazing phone to make your life easier.

1. Drag the Shortcut Menu Anywhere on the Screen

This is the first phone that lets you drag the Edge menu where the apps, shortcuts, and people are located. In the previous phones, you still have to go to the settings to do this. Now, it can be a seamless experience between you and your S9.

2. Swipe Notifications on the Fingerprint Sensor

Luckily, there is gesture support accessible on your S9. That gives them the freedom to swipe away your notifications using the unique fingerprint scanner of your phone. By enabling this feature, you can swipe up and down on the fingerprint scanner to open or close the notification panel. Currently, that Samsung has moved the fingerprint scanner in a more convenient location this is much more valuable than ever.

3. Change the Colors of your Clock

Bored with the normal black and white color of your clock? Then you can go to the settings, and go to the lock screen to make it more colorful.

4. Respond to Messages Instantly

samsung s9

Tired of going into your messages to read the text your girlfriend has sent you for the nth time? Samsung added the feature to respond to messages without leaving the application you are using right now. When you get an instant message, you essentially need to swipe down to expand the window. Furthermore, after a response, you just close the window. The edge of the phone will light up when you get the message.

5. Home Screen Goes into Landscape View

If you are tired of making everything upright, then the S9 will let you view your home screen in landscape mode.

6. Focused Selfies

How to take the best selfies? You don’t like to take a photo with a stranger eating at a fast food joint where you’re at. For this situation, you can utilize the S9’s blur effect. The camera blurs the background while your face stands out. You can initiate this by heading off to the camera and by picking Selfies Focus. Likewise, Those like making a GIF from any video, they enjoy the features of sending live animated messages, transforming yourself into an Emoji, charging your phone without wires, or streaming audio to different gadgets simultaneously.

7. Change your Phone’s Resolution

If you miss your computer’s Windows feature where you can change the resolution of your screen, then S9 is your answer. The standard default setting is 2220×1080. If you want to get the maximum details of the things that you are viewing, then go with the HD+ option.

8. Get the Dual Messenger Feature

If you have numerous accounts on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, at that point you may find the Dual Messenger feature of Galaxy S9 helpful. You can download the second version of a similar application so you can easily switch your accounts.

9. Monitor your Blood Pressure

We realize that there’s a feature to check your pulse since the S5. The heart load factor is a wellness feature include that gives bits of knowledge about your BP. Samsung additionally demonstrates your anxiety level so you can settle on choices to bring down your blood pressure. Also, Samsung has collaborated with UCSF to share blood pressure information

10. Dolby Atoms Switch On and Off

Want to hear a richer sound or music? At that point use your Dolby speakers. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has Dolby Atoms innovation that offers 360-degree sound; however, it is turned off by default. What’s more, you can turn it on by pulling down the quick notification settings. This feature is fuelled by AKG-tuned stereo speakers at the bottom of the gadget.

11. Make video stories without using any video editor

An automatic video editing is one of the best features that Samsung 9 has. Samsung 9 has an inbuilt video editor feature that lets you make compiled videos without downloading any video editor and automatically saves it in your mobile gallery as well.

12. Take videos underwater

That’s right, capacitive screens don’t work so well underwater, so although the Samsung 9 has IP68 water resistance and can take photographs underwater utilizing the volume keys, how would you take video? For most Smartphones, the common way is to begin recording before it goes underwater, however for the Samsung 9 you can assign the volume keys to record video as opposed to taking photographs.

13. Super Slow Motion

The Galaxy S9 enables clients to record videos in Super Slow Motion so you can capture moments that are enjoyable to watch at different speeds. The Super Slow Motion feature expands the camera screen speed to 960 fps (frames every second) and can record videos multiple times slower than other slow-motion mobile technology. You can save it as a GIF, once the slow-mo video is recorded as well as add music to it and show it as wallpaper on the Home and lock screen.

All in all, the Samsung 9 has a huge amount of features, many of which have been deactivated by default with the goal that you don’t get overpowered. However, when you burrow further past all the menus, there are many more things you can do, for example, Transcribe text with Bixby Vision, Take pictures with your voice, etc. Thus, explore your new Samsung 9 completely and profoundly. You may simply discover it has the features you’ve always needed in your phone.

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