Trends For Your Flimsy Little Clothing This December


Lingerie stands as a great trademark for sensuality and raw femininity. These flimsy inner clothing worn by women may come private in view to look at in the past. But with today’s generation and fashion, it comes out as an alluring icon everyone, particularly with models. Shades of red, black and pink are often seen in the market. Ribbons and ruffles also never gets old with the style. There are designs that never goes out of date. But this winter, make it a point that you’re never left out of the trend. Take a peek with what’s new and what’s hot for this chilly season of merry-making and festivities.

Black and Gold Tandem

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Since that everyone’s screaming of cash, bonus, and salaries this year, why not express your status through your undies? Black and gold go well together. Black never fails to bring out a classic touch among everyone else. Since that any shade or color goes along with black, then gold would definitely do good with it. This perfect combination of colors would tell how you’re sexy and and filled with cash this month. Along with that, mini-embellishments are also a must for your intimate apparel. Undies with bells, reindeer and snowflake miniature will go rockin’ your inner wear style this month.

Bondage Style


Since that Fifty shades of Grey will hit the cinemas next year in February, make an advanced trend of it by wearing lingerie in bondage style! It’s true that black is the main color of this wild theme, but you should keep a watchful eye with the strings and straps associated with the style. Spice it up by wearing a transparent long gown. This would definitely work out with blushing brides on a honeymoon this month.

Christmas colors

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Green and red associate the colors of the holidays. Apply these shades as well for your lingerie. Since that gifts are all around this month, tiny ribbons on your inner wear is also a hip trend. Anything that’s bright and yummy to look at is so in! It brings out a vibrant aura in you when wear colorful bikinis in spas and sauna.

Floral Trend

photo credits: Camila Restrepo via pinterest

Just like clothes worn by celebrities, flowery prints will never go out of style. Women would always get drawn with that theme. Flowers are an all year round style. But this month, the shops would usually display oriental prints on the rack. So make sure that you have one in your drawer or closet as an addition to your fancy set of lingerie and undies. Your great girlfriends may have one in their collection right now. So have a trip with the nearest lingerie shop and purchase one.


photo credits: Colin Cowie Weddings via pinterest

This flimsy, transparent addition in most lingeries is also in for this month. Aside from the laces and ribbons, sheers are also an alluring extension of your intimate wear. It’s quite similar with the bondage style. But this is a bit more tamed and soft compared on the latter. It’s an ideal inner wear for girls who are quite hesitant to expose more skin when they are getting comfortable with their partners.

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