6 Easy Steps On How To Fill In Eyebrows

Perfect brows are not something that most people are born with. They’ve been created. A tiny comb here, a slight shading there, and a final touch of brow gel can transform even the most unruly brow into something rich, arched, and beautiful.

But, precisely, how do you go about doing that? It may seem complicated, but it is very simple. The six stages outlined below will guide you through the process of creating the ideal eyebrow shape for your facial features.

Steps On How To Fill In Eyebrows

1. Know Your Eyebrow Shape

Find the starting point for your brows. Establishing your inner brows in the correct place is crucial to developing beautiful brows since starting too far may throw off the proportion of your face.

Identify the point at which your brow arch should rise and where your brow must finish. Place a brow pencil on your nose and trace a diagonal line with the center of your eye to establish the correct arch. That is where you should direct your natural arch.

Then, align the tool from the nostril’s border to the outer corner of your eye. The point where the item crosses your outer brow should be the termination point. Using an eyeliner pencil, make a dot on the end location.

2. Outline Your Eyebrows

You should get rid of any hairs that grow below or to the sides of your brows. When deciding on the form of your brows, connect the dots you sketched. You may draw the pattern freehand with an eyebrow pencil if you’ve practiced tweezing your brows.
Optionally, you may use an eyebrow pencil to trace an eyebrow stencil from a beauty supply or online shop like Ink & Arch Pro.

Overextending the tips of your brows may give you a droopy look, dragging your face downwards and making you look unhappy. Your brows naturally lift your face, which you should maintain.

Remember the brow arch and end location you specified in the previous step. It’s critical to follow those lines while outlining your brows to keep them looking natural.

3. Remove The Hairs Outside Outline

It’s now time to begin sculpting your brows according to the blueprints you created. To avoid inadvertently tweezing too much, ensure that you have enough room light. Hold the skin tight and pluck one hair at a time in the direction it grows, using the tweezers to grip each hair firmly.

To achieve two completely equal brows, resist the need to keep tweezing hairs. You run the danger of removing too much hair. Eyebrow hair may take 6 to 8 weeks to regrow, and it may be lost forever. Take good care of your hair.

Threading is another option besides tweezers. This is when a twisted thread is used to gently pull hair from the follicle, allowing us to remove hairs that are too short or fine to wax.

Threading may push hairs up from under the skin to grab and remove them because they pressure the skin’s surface. It takes a lot of skill to thread a needle. Tweezing, waxing, or threading your brows excessively may permanently make them thin. As a result, seeking expert help before doing it on your own is usually a good idea.

4. Fill In Brows

Create light traces where your hair grows using an eyebrow pencil in the shade similar to your brows to assist in filling out your appearance. Because brow hair doesn’t always grow straight, filling in the gaps is essential for flawless brows.

Another alternative is to use two distinct colors of eyebrow pencil, one lighter and one darker. This gives your brows some texture. Fill in the outer brows beginning at the arch with the darker pencil and the lighter pencil’s inner brows. Use gentle, brief strokes to resemble the development of natural hair.

Don’t attempt to make an arch where there isn’t one, or use a pencil to extend your brows. The fact that you drew additional pieces will be too apparent. Choose an eyebrow pencil that is one or two shades lighter than your natural brow color for the most natural appearance. Choose an eyebrow pencil that is a shade or two darker than your natural brow color for a bolder appearance.

5. Blend Your Brows

Brush upwards and outwards through the brow with the spoolie brush to delicately merge the pencil strokes with the natural brow hairs. Comb them into form gently so that no hairs grow in the wrong direction. If you used a pencil to fill in your brows, be careful not to smear them when you brush them.

After that, use short, upwards strokes to lightly sweep brow gel through brows. If you’re not using any brow gel, hairspray will suffice. Apply hairspray on your finger and run it over your brow. Instead of brow gel, a dab of petroleum jelly may be used.

6. Clean Up Edges

Draw the contour of the brows with concealer and blend carefully for neat outlines and a consistent finish. It’s possible that tracing your brow contour with a pencil and then not blending it is a sign that your brows are, well, drawn on.

Either you’re using a pencil, an angled brush coated with brow powder, or brow gel, create your shape with tiny, hair-like strokes, then wipe away any sharp lines in a gentle back and forth motions with a spoolie.

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