Small is the New Big: Living in a Garage is In

We frequently see these “dream houses” with eight rooms and four bathrooms, complete with a pool, four-car garage, big windows, an ocean view and a home theatre. We “Pin” them for reference and inspiration, share slideshows and photo albums of “perfect” homes. We screenshot ideal architectural designs we aspire to achieve someday.

But having lived in a three-story house myself makes me cringe at the thought of moving in to a big home on my own later on in the future. Just imagine all the cleaning and maintenance you’d have to do.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

How do you really determine what kind of home is right for you?

Small homes are in nowadays, plus, organizing and space saving hacks are everywhere. Living in a teeny abode no longer seems so bad after all, especially if you live alone, or with a partner.

Ask the people living in almost cubical homes themselves. Even mobile homes aren’t restricted to just trailers any longer – you can actually drive your home around with you. And believe it or not, some invest in JUST a garage and transform them into an apartment, studio or loft.

Here are a few garage alterations that are sure to convert you into a minimalist homeowner:

Image credits to:
Image credits to:

Jérémie Buchholtz’s 41 sq. meter garage-turned-apartment in Bordeaux, France, designed by his friend Architect Matthieu de Marien, makes for a perfect bachelor’s pad. His humble home also makes use of a contemporary garage door to match its modern appearance.

Image credit: Ira Lippke from
Image credit: Ira Lippke from

Michelle de la Vega was the contractor of her own 23 sq. meter home. She involved herself in the majority of the handiwork and renovation which only amounted to about $32,000. Despite the seemingly small space, with a loft bed and a fold out daybed in her living room, her tiny home can fit three people and still feel roomy.

Image credit: Bethany Nauert
Image credit: Bethany Nauert

Annette and Gustavo’s 39 sq. meter garage revamping in Beachwood Canyon took about three-and-a-half months to do. Modern cabinetry was used, as well as repurposed wood. They also had some space left over for a small pool. As the owner of a garden shop, Annette’s green thumb-ness is made apparent through its façade.

Image Credits: Beth Dana Designs
Image Credits: Beth Dana Designs

If the description for “peaceful home” had an illustration, this would be it. It only measures approximately 37 sq. meters, but this loft-type home fits all the qualities and amenities of a regular home that makes you feel like you’re living in a dream.

Cost of living isn’t cheap. Garage makeovers are a big investment depending on your restoration methods, but you save so much more in the long run, especially when it comes to utility bills and rent. You’ll have lesser space to heat or to cool, depending on the season.


If you’re daring and capable enough to DIY your own garage conversion, by all means, go ahead. Just remember to know your limits and refrain from taking on all the duties of an electrician, plumber and architect at once. Instead of intricate installations, opt for portable and makeshift solutions until you’ve saved up enough to avail professional services.

You also have to make sure you have a secure and reliable garage door. Who would want to wake up in the middle of the night, shivering because of a gap in the door, or face to face with an intruder?

These homey living quarters are proof that you don’t need a big house to feel at home. Tiny can be cozy, too. Talk about having a clean slate.

Now, I wonder if there are any garages for sale in our area…

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