5 No-Brainer Productivity Tips for Work from Home People

Time is something we have no control of. No matter what we do, time goes on and there is only so much time in a day we can spend for the most meaningful activities.

Most people find it very difficult to manage their time. This is also one of the main reasons why their productivity plummets. Good news is — there are simple, no-brainer ways you can improve your productivity.

Take a look at some of them and why when you are ready don’t hesitate to try them out.

Get Up Early To Start Early


If you are not a morning person, you better be one now. Successful people like Jack Dorsey, Tim Cook and Michelle Obama credit waking up early as one of the secrets of being successful.

Being an early riser gives you a step ahead in finishing your tasks early. Obviously, when you wake up early, you can start early, thus, giving you enough time for your work, But aside from that, being an early riser can also provide you with numerous mental and emotional benefits which can boost your productivity.

Waking up early in the morning allows you to come up with a better plan on how you can take on the day. You will have extra time to reflect and meditate which is important for your mental preparation. Also, early risers are more proactive. They can anticipate problems and think of a feasible solution to minimize them.  And finally, you become more optimistic. Compared to “night owls” early risers often wake up on the right side of the bed, thus, they start their day optimistic which can also help them avoid depression and frustrations when facing the challenges ahead.

If you are not a morning person, why not give it a try. Sure, it can be challenging at first but when you make it a habit, day by day, it becomes a lot easier until you are no longer struggling. And then you will see how it can help you in improving your productivity.

Listen To Instrumental Music


Listening to music has long been proven to be beneficial in so many ways, specifically in relieving stress and anxiety. But aside from providing us an easy form of relaxation, listening to music while working is also a good productivity-booster. There are numerous studies showing how playing music helps in work performance, especially in efficiency and creating of better ideas.

But did you know that listening to instrumental or non-vocal music works better in improving one’s productivity? Lyrically-heavy music could oftentimes temp you to sing along that will get you distracted as you easily drift and forget about anything else. This is especially true to task the need thinking or brainstorming.  No vocals or instrumental music can be less distracting and can you boost your focus. It allows your mind to think rather than pay attention to the lyrics of the song.

Listening to the perfect playlist can take you to that “ah-ha” moment and will help you speed up your tasks. With a productive music playing, there are certain things you can do without thinking about the stress it can bring. So pick your favorite music and give it a try.

Bring In The Natural Fragrant


Natural fragrant can induce good emotions and bring in the feeling of well-being. There are aromatherapy scents which are ideal for boosting your productivity. Scents like jasmine, lavender, peppermint and lemon are ideal for working mode as they are energizing scents.

There are several ways you can induce fragrance such as potpourri, scented candles and essential oils diffuser. Growing indoor plants can also be used as a natural fragrant. Not only does it provide the scent that can increase focus but a plant decoration can also provide a perception of concentration and a happier workplace.

Ditch All Time-Wasters


Emails, social media, the internet and TV are just some of the many distractions you may face when working at home. Ditching these distractions is a great help in boosting your productivity. If you have a designated workplace in your home, do not put TV in it so you won’t get tempted to turn it on. Also, turn off the email and social media notifications when working with projects that do not need email or social media activities. If you must check emails, social media or browse the web, do it before you start your tasks or at the end of the day. Avoid doing these activities in between other tasks because you can get tempted and drift away.

Take Regular Timed Breaks


It may seem counterintuitive but taking a break can help you relax and refresh so you can maintain a constant performance level. Are you familiar with the Pomodoro Technique? This is a kind of time management technique which allows you to eliminate burnout and at the same time maintain a good level of productivity.

With this technique, you set a span of time you can work on your tasks (this is your Pomodoro), you also set short breaks, longer breaks and Pomodoro intervals. For example, you set 30 minutes Pomodoro, 5-minute short breaks and 15-minute longer breaks with 4 Pomodoro intervals. You work on your tasks for 30 minutes without any distractions. Then when the timer goes off, you can take a 5-minute short break. Repeat this step until you are done with 4 Pomodoros, then you can take your 15-minute longer breaks. You can repeat the same process until you are done with your tasks.

Last Words

Perhaps, you once have been envious of people who can spend extra time for themselves and family without having to worry about work. You once wished that you can switch jobs so you can also have that extra time. But truth is — it doesn’t matter whether you have an easy or difficult task, you will never have that extra time you wish for if you don’t know how to manage it.

The productivity of a person lies primarily on how well he handles his time. The tips mentioned above will teach you some simple tips to make the most out of the very limited time you have. These are simple tips but it somehow they will help you boost your productivity and will help you finish your tasks fast and accurately.

Try to work them out and who knows your next task will just be easy-breezy.

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