Perfect Pets That Are Great For Apartment Life

So you finally moved into a new place and have your very own apartment in the city. Independence from your parents is slowly sinking in and it feels amazing! Unfortunately, it also feels lonely. But you don’t want your roommate or you don’t have one. Yet you want someone who will only listen to you, not judge you and be with you no matter what. Get yourself a pet.

If your place allows them, then why not? However, don’t just go and buy some pooch at the pet store or shelter. This is not about just because you like a certain pet, you’re dead set on getting one. This is about finding the perfect pet that can keep up with you and suits the apartment life.

If you are getting a pet, keep in mind that whatever you choose should make your city living better instead of causing you more problems.

Have A Woof-derful Time With These Canines

If you’re looking for a perfect companion, nothing beats that title than man’s best friend himself. Dogs are compassionate, energetic and loyal. However, some dog breeds are not suitable for apartment life, being too big, too noisy or too energetic. Fortunately, they have lots of breeds to choose from. The following are some convenient canine pals for apartment and city living.


pugPugs are recognized by their squished faces and sense of humor.  If you have a small area but really wanted a pet, pugs are the best choice. They are small, loyal and fine with just staying in one place. They don’t bark much so they are good if you have close neighbors.

However, they can be very attached to their owners and cannot do well alone. Being alone can cause extreme stress and anxiety which results in barking and whining. This also causes destructive behavior like chewing, damaging of furniture and knocking off possessions. Therefore, this breed is good for people who are working at home.

In terms of exercise routine, pugs are quite inactive but daily short walks can be really good for them. As for their grooming routine, with their type of coat, grooming maintenance isn’t that demanding.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breeds are friendly, easy-going, calm and adaptable. They have no problem getting along with other tenants and dogs in your apartment. These spaniels are small dogs so there won’t be any worries how much space they’re going to occupy.  In addition, these dogs like to cuddle and can get very attached to their owners. So, if you really have a small apartment that is not a problem for them. The closer you are together, the better.

While they easily adapt to people and animals, it can become difficult housetraining them. With their free-spirited attitude, it’ll take time before they learn how to use the litter box.It is recommended to make them respect you first and make them understand what to do and what not to do. A sure fire way to speed up housetraining is to use the crate training method.

These breeds are active and sporty so they require a lot of exercise in order to make them more manageable in housetraining. Furthermore, maintenance for their coat can be demanding as well. But if you have a lot of spare time for exercising and grooming a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, then this dog is for you.

Yorkshire Terrier

Also known as Yorkie, these cute and small breeds are great for apartment living. They are inquisitive and lively, spending half their time running around exploring. Aside from that, they are very affectionate that they spend the other half of their time cuddling and snuggling. Their size is good for those who have small apartment spaces. Thus, exercising them indoors can be possible.

Despite their lively and caring nature, they can be very yappy especially when there are strangers. It is better to train them early to minimize unnecessary barking. In addition, house training and grooming can be a challenge at times so they require much attention.

Or Take Your Pick From These Purr-fect Felines

Not a dog person? Does the thought of lazing around your room while reveling in a purring ball on your lap fancy you?  Then you need a cat. These are some of the cat breeds that are perfect apartment roomies.


Ragdolls are loving, well-behaved and easy to care for a cat breed for apartment and city living. They are known to be pretty laid back, gentle and affectionate, typically following their owners wherever they go. Aside from their chill personality, this large cat can be playful as well.

Because of their easy going trait, they aren’t that good with navigation in the streets. They should be kept indoors and shouldn’t be let out unless under strict supervision.

In contrast to their gentle nature, their shedding may not be as gentle on your apartment furniture. These cats have long coats which make shedding more often than other short haired cats. And during warmer months, ragdolls will shed more significantly.

But that shedding can be minimized by grooming. Coat care is fairly manageable since they don’t move much and just requires brushing them a couple times a week.


If you like an elegant touch in your apartment, the Persian cat’s for you.persian cat This home-and-owner-loving kitty is pretty lazy, napping away the day. Therefore, minimum or no exercise is required. Their elegant appearance and calm demeanor scream cat royalty earning them the title of Cat Divas and Divos.

Other than their royal auras, a Persian’s long-hair coat adds to their whole royal persona. Their coat maintenance, however, is high.

If no extensive grooming session is performed, Persian fur can become tangled and then matts in the long run. Not only this becomes unsanitary for both you and your cat, it can also cause pain and make your cat miserable. Matts can be painful to fix because they pull on the skin. Therefore, they must be bathed and groomed regularly.

Russian Blue

Don’t have time to stay home for long periods of time every day? Always busy to maintain grooming sessions? The Russian Blue breed is your cat. This gentle and quiet cat is independent as well as loyal and affectionate. They don’t mind you away for several hours but they never fail to show you love when you get home.

Despite their affectionate nature, they are shy around strangers and other animals. They can sometimes hiss and swipe at new people in the house so always supervise your cat whenever you have new visitors around. But once their trust is earned, they form loyal bonds to both humans and other animals.

Furthermore, what makes Russian Blues great pets for modern, on-the-go people is their low maintenance coat. Their short but thick, silvery-blue fur is easy to groom. And like most cats, they are not overly active so there is also very little exercise to worry about.

Other Pets

If you have allergic reactions to dog and cat fur, here are some more pets that are great for apartment living. They can be kept in small cages or living areas thus saving space. They also create less noise that will disturb your neighbors. Furthermore, they can still keep you company and help you relax from the daily stress city life is giving.

  •        Goldfish
  •        Hamsters
  •        Milk Snake
  •        Geckos
  •        Hedgehogs
  •        Ferrets
  •        Tarantulas

Somehow, the perfect pet may not be always a good pet at first. It takes time, patience, love and affection for them to grow to love and care for you too.

Bear in mind that you didn’t get a pet just so it can cater to your social—or lack thereof—needs. They are to be fed, bathed and taken good care of. They are also living beings that can feel sadness, happiness, and stress. Always take note on what type of pet that can deal with living with you in your apartment. A pet that can handle the small living space, the lack of exercise times and that can deal fewer disturbances to your neighbors.

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