A Mutt’s Way of Saying ‘Thank You’

How much is that doggie in the window?‘ Does this song ring a bell? Imagine yourself singing this song while checking for new pets to take you home. There are people who prefer to shop and buy a furry friend. And there are those who would rather go to their local shelter and welcome their homes to a new member of the family.

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Celebrating the National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week

November 3rd, Monday was the start of the week long celebration. In case you may not know, a lot of memories are left in your local shelter. Stories of dogs and cats that were left alone and abandoned by owners who fail to provide their love and care for these animals. This week we honor the staff and volunteers working and spent most of their time and lives to keep these orphaned animals a home they deserve. Whether you own a pet or not, you have to keep in mind that these animals also need our care, attention, respect, and most of all, our love.

When a Little is Too Much

Remember, a simple act of kindness is more than enough. Little did we know we have unsung heroes in the house. This is the right time to appreciate the kind actions they have given. Did you know that you can do something in your own little way to make these animals happy? There’s a fine line between adopting and shopping for a pet. Although both may have its benefits and drawbacks, the power is in your hands to decide how you would add another member of the family.

Shopping for a Pet

The process is pretty simple. Just as the song goes, you look for that pet and ask the attendant, how much the animal is. If you find this pet amusing, you pay and bring it home. Also, if you are looking for a pure breed, pet shops are the best places for you to find one. How does that sound?

Adopting for a Pet

Meanwhile, if you plan to adopt one, we have to add a few more steps to the shopping process we discussed earlier. Most shelters provide a form for these interested parents who are willing to share their homes with these orphaned fur kids. Other than that, the entire process should also be easy as a pie. All you need is to visit your local shelter and check on the pets who long for some love and care.

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Whether you adopt or shop, bringing a dog or cat to your home and raising him/her as your own is one of the ways to prevent the number of these homeless animals to increase. Each day, dogs and cats have been brought by these heroes to the shelter. Again, your little act of kindness can go a long way. Surprisingly, these simple things can be fun and addicting. Other than that, you would also feel good that you just saved a life and shared the love. Moreover, these mutts never forget to appreciate what you did for them. Seeing their smiles on their faces is more than enough for you to understand they are thanking and loving you in return.



Do you have a rescued pet? Share us your story with us. We’d like to hear from you.

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