Reasons for Jewelry Damage and How to Protect Them

You spent thousands of dollars on a beautiful piece of jewelry that has become a part of you over the years. Then one day, it breaks. But why is that?

Whether it’s a custom-made designer item, an antique, or something eclectic, all jewelry is vulnerable to damage and breakage. Many people are naturally worried at the prospect of their piece breaking. Worse, most jewelry dealers rarely mention the fact that even the most well-made, pricey pieces can be broken or damaged.

As there are many possible solutions to this complicated issue, we’ll go over some of the most typical causes why your jewelry might be damaged or broken.

Water Damage

Pool or hot tub chemicals are too harsh for gemstones and precious metals. Pool chemicals are caustic, and over time, they can dull, discolor, and destroy metal. Also, saltwater can tarnish sterling silver, while additional elements like sunscreen and heat can hasten the tarnishing process.

You need to remember, shower products and shampoos can build up on the metal’s surface, causing tarnish and dulling, as well as removing the luster on pearls and other sensitive stones. When soap and water are combined, earring backs can be worked off and washed away. So remember, before going in the water, make sure you remove your jewelry. You don’t want your favorite heart stud earrings and heart necklace to get ruined by chemicals in the water.

Daily Wear and Tear

Our body, especially our hands, is involved in various activities that might cause ring damage. On any given day, a ring-wearing hand might do things like washing the dishes, plant flowers, use hand tools, swing a tennis racquet, and so on. Several diamonds are put very next to each other in some rings. They might rub against each other if an inexperienced goldsmith sets them. This contact can cause damage to one or more diamonds over time.


If you enjoy gardening but forget to put on your gloves, leaving your gold ring exposed, you are causing more harm than good. While the extra attention you’re providing your garden will help it thrive, your gold ring is at risk of being severely damaged. It’s also important to note that just because you’re wearing gloves doesn’t mean your gold jewelry is safe.

Even if you’re wearing gloves, grasping your gardening tools strongly will exert strain on the ring, causing it to become misshaped, and you might not even realize it’s not round. If the ring is set with gemstones, it will be damaged in a variety of ways, with the diamonds likely to be knocked free and fall out as a result.

Exercise or Strenuous Activities

Sweat does not harm gemstones, but it can discolor precious metals, which are an important part of your jewelry. Sweat will reduce the beautiful luster of your jewelry, so if you neglect to take it off while exercising, make sure it is carefully cleaned.

If you’re doing something particularly hard, you can catch your earrings, ring, or necklace on something, shattering the gemstone or breaking the metals. Wearing your favorite heart necklace while exercising can also put you in danger.

Damage By Beauty Products

You may not realize it, but your cosmetics are likely to contain a number of chemicals. Hairspray and perfume, in particular, contain a lot of alcohol as well as other potentially harmful ingredients. They may not be harmful to your skin or hair if handled properly, but your gems and diamonds with a particular gleam are a different story.

The mist will not only temporarily diminish the natural brilliance of your jewelry but will also begin to eat away at the metal and softer jewels if left on for too long. Not only will your priceless jewelry get damaged and dull, but it will also weaken, resulting in the loss of stones and diamonds. After applying your beauty products, make sure to wait for 15 minutes, and then you can wear your jewelry.

Poor DIY Cleaning Techniques

When it comes to jewelry care, many people prefer to do it themselves. Cleaning and wiping your parts can be done at home. However, if you employ incorrect substances or materials, you may wind up doing more harm than good. Some home remedies, such as using toothpaste, might result in discoloration and other types of harm. Bleaches may appear to help, but they might harm the surface of your item.

Tangling In Storage

It’s not only for a show that those velvet-lined jewelry boxes exist! When you’re not wearing your jewelry, a padded and lined jewelry box is a safe location to keep things. A good jewelry box will keep your necklaces from tangling, your earrings from becoming misplaced, and your diamonds from damaging your other pieces.

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