6 Good Reasons Why Procrastination Is Good For You

Procrastination is often connected with a negative connotation. For many people, procrastination is something they avoid especially in workplaces. It could affect the productivity of a person and it could cause a negative impact on one’s quality of work. A study shows that average US employees admitted to wasting about two hours in other non-job related activities each day. That is would cost more than $10,000 each employee annually if an average employee makes about $40,000 each year.

Looking at this number, procrastination really gets a bad rap. But there are times when you can benefit from procrastinating more than it burdens you. There are times when you just need to take an idle moment so you can perform at your best.

Here are some good reasons why procrastination is sometimes good for you. 

Because Some Tasks Can Be Done Without You Taking Effort To Do it


It may sound counterintuitive to productivity but there are tasks which do not need your effort to be fulfilled. So why do you have to waste your time doing tasks which you don’t need to put too much effort on?

Before you start doing a certain task, you have to evaluate whether or not you really need to do it. While there are some that need your full attention, there are also some tasks which you can let go and set aside. These are tasks which either doesn’t really need to be done or you can ask other people to do it for you. Procrastination allows you to think and weigh your options. It allows you to have time to determine whether you need to put your attention on these tasks or you can just leave it behind.

So when you feel like you don’t know where to start, take a moment to take a deep breath and think about what needs and what doesn’t need to be done.

Because Relaxation Will Help You Think Better


Dartmouth reported that among the impediments to academic performance, stress with 31% is on the top of the list. Stress affects the way we think especially in school or at work. There are also numerous studies showing how stress can affect our way of thinking. Too much stress can affect the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that involves the cognitive analysis, determining appropriate behaviors at certain situations and abstract thought. It also affects memory and learning.

One of the best ways to relieve stress is through giving yourself some “me time”.  Taking short breaks in a busy day helps you avoid mental burnout. If you feel that you can no longer think and focus on your tasks because you have a very busy day and you are swamped with work, take some time to refresh and recharge.

Creativity and great ideas often times appear when you are doing nothing, so do not hesitate to take a rest and relax when you feel stressed out.

Because Procrastination Will Help You Sort Out Your Priorities


In an article in Forbes, it says that procrastination helps a person to prioritize. Have you ever experienced juggling through different tasks because you do not know which one to prioritize? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But you can avoid such situation when you take a moment to stay calm and think. Taking a few moments to think will give you a chance to sort out your task and determine which one needs to prioritize and which tasks can be set aside.

Rather than diving into piles of tasks without knowing which one to prioritize, it is better to stop for a moment and organize your day. Try listing down all the things you have to do and cross out the things which you can set aside. You will end up with a short list of tasks that needs your attention and you’ll realize that you are not as loaded with tasks as you think you are. Creating a shortlist before diving into your work will help you eliminate unnecessary tasks which can eat up your time.

Because You Are Taking Your Time To Make The Best Decision


There are some things which need more time to think about before diving into it. For instance, you are thinking of looking for a new job. You need to think it over and over again before making a decision. Will this decision help you grow personally and professionally? That is the question you need to ask yourself.

Procrastination gives you time to think about what’s best for you. It gives you time to construct the pros and cons of a certain decision. Procrastination gives you time to think about the circumstances before taking an action. It allows you to think deeply so you can arrive at the best decisions that will make you a better person. So when making big decisions in life, try not to dive into action the moment you think of something.  Try to think several times before you act out.

Because You Can Channel A Chunk Of Your Time To Be More Productive


During a busy day, you may find it hard to take a break but when you try to; you will realize that you get more things done. Rather than forcing yourself to work without any direction, try to take a break and do something enjoyable which can help you think fresh when you finally go back to your tasks.

If you have a pile of tasks you need to do,sometimes continuously doing them without taking breaks can get you mentally drained. So instead, try taking short breaks in between. Redirect your attention to other chores you enjoy doing like gardening, cooking or try skimming through emails. This way, you will get a refreshed mind once you get back to your tasks. You can then spend your quality time doing your work and improve self-efficacy.

Because You Know You Can Work Better When Under Pressure


Why are some people perform best when under pressure? Deadlines can get creative juices flowing. When under pressure especially deadlines, the body naturally produces Cortisol and Adrenaline. These help people to focus on tasks and eventually finish the task with quality and on time.

There are people who work best when under pressure. If you are one of those people, procrastination can be beneficial for you. It will help you to have some extra time to plan out your tasks. It will help you think of the best approach to start them. If you know yourself as someone who can produce the best work in an impending deadline, then waiting for the last minute to do your task is bringing some good to you.

Summing Up

Procrastination at times can serve you so you can improve yourself and boost your productivity. However, while it can be beneficial in some situations, there are still cases when it is better to do your task on time or even ahead of time. Wasting too much time can also be negative.

Procrastinate wisely. When you know when to take a break and when to start working on your tasks, that’s when you will experience the benefits of taking a little time off. So try to ponder on every situation and ask yourself — would it be better if I take a little time for myself?

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