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The Right Way To Hang Curtains For 9 Foot Ceilings

Curtains are challenging to work with. Picking them out may be a hassle, and then there’s the matter of finding the correct size. It must be appropriate for the size and design of your space. People with low ceilings may find it simple, and they can even do Custom Made Curtain at an affordable price. But what about those with high ceilings?

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering what curtain length to use for 9 ft ceilings and how high to hang curtains on a 9-foot ceiling. We’ll go through how to hang curtains on a 9-foot ceiling in this article.

How Do You Hang Curtains On A 9 Foot Ceiling?

Tips on How To Hang A Curtain

The curtain rod should dangle about a foot from the ceiling as a rule of thumb. You don’t want the curtain to be too near to the window frame for the best results. When the curtain is too tight, several gaps between the ceiling and the windows may occur. In most rooms, this appears to be off-center and odd.

Low curtains make ceilings appear lower as well. As a result, the space feels claustrophobic and tiny. As a result, it’s preferable to go higher than necessary. Closer to the ceiling, high drapes make the walls look higher. You may undoubtedly go all out and hang drapes from the floor to the ceiling.

Whereas the size of the space, the location of the windows, and personal choice all play a role, don’t go lower than 3 inches over the window frame. Any closer to the window is simply unacceptably near. It’s claustrophobic and appears to be out of place. Going higher rather than lower is also preferable; a decent rule of thumb divides the difference.

Window Length For A 9 Foot Ceiling

Ceilings were generally 8 feet high in older, conventional home buildings. Higher ceilings, such as nine or even 10 feet, are growing more popular in more contemporary homes.

Because a 9-foot ceiling is unusual and of itself, there is a less clear criterion for windows. Due to the new architecture, people are constantly seeking fresh and creative ways to adorn their houses, even their windows.

Innovative window designs, such as floor-to-ceiling windows or bay windows, are becoming increasingly popular. Windows may easily reach 60 inches in height, while 48 inches is the most common size.

The size and location of the windows are determined by the header, furniture arrangement, and available space. A header between the ceiling and the window is required for all windows. The header should be no less than 10 inches wide as a general rule – the exact size for your house will vary and is decided by a building contractor.

Furniture arrangement isn’t as important as having the correct header size, but windows shouldn’t be too near to the floor, either. Contractors usually allow approximately three feet of space between the floor and the window. This creates a space for furniture to be placed.

When the first two criteria of windows are met, the window may be as large as the remaining space. In this instance, a 9-foot wall with no windows in the last three feet may have 6 feet remaining.

Curtains For 9 Foot Ceiling

Choose 96-inch curtains for a 9-foot ceiling. Curtain rods are typically suspended approximately a foot from the ceiling. The length between the floor and one foot from the ceiling is 96 inches. Move up one size to 108-inch curtain panels if you wish to hang your curtains higher, such as at ceiling height, or if you want more elaborate drapes that pool on the floor.

Curtain panels of 96 inches in length enable you to hang curtains that reach the floor, with the rod positioned one foot from the ceiling. Simply choose the next size up, whether you want curtains that puddle on the floor or curtains that hang higher. The following typical size for pre-made curtain panels is 108 inches.

Keep in mind that when the curtains are hung higher, the ceiling looks taller as well. As a consequence, the room seems more significant. Curtains must also be long enough to reach the floor, unless they are chosen for a functional reason, such as cafe curtains in the kitchen. Experiment with curtain fabric, texture, and pattern, but not with length.

Curtains For Short Windows

When your window is a little tiny, there is no such thing as too-large curtains. Even though the window is not close to the ground, the curtains may be. Hanging long curtains over a small window attracts attention to it and makes it seem more significant.

Another way to draw attention to a tiny window is to place the curtains nearer to the ceiling, creating the appearance of a taller, longer wall. Choose drapes with narrow vertical stripes that reach the floor, drawing attention along the full floor-to-ceiling length.

Choose lightweight or sheer curtains, then choose a curtain panel color that is lighter than the walls, never darker.

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