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The Benefits of Living in Zero Carbon Homes


There are incredible advantages to buying and living in a zero-energy house. You can think you’re merely combating global warming. The integration of architecture, construction processes, and technology used in a zero energy home results in a home with net-zero carbon emissions. That means your house isn’t adding to global warming.

You can reduce your homeownership costs.
A zero energy house has no energy bills other than a nominal monthly hook-up charge, meaning the home pays less to buy from the start than a comparable conventional home.

You can take advantage of the cleaner, fresher indoor air.
Zero energy homes have airtight walls and very energy-friendly fresh air systems. These sophisticated ventilation systems provide pre-heated or pre-cooled hot, filtered air free of outside contaminants and allergens, keeping you and your family safe.

You can own a longer-lasting house.
Design processes and materials used in zero energy homes are more sturdy than traditional homes, allowing them to last longer and with less maintenance.

You can allow the sun to shine.
Passive solar architecture concepts are used to design and build zero-energy houses, maximize natural daylight, and flood the house with soft, welcoming sunlight.

You can innovate for the future.
With a zero-energy house, you can be assured that you are paving the way for a brighter future for our planet and your neighbors. Daniel Roberts Builder keeps up with the newest technology, energy management, and sustainability. Purchase the house of the future now.

You can live anywhere.
You can find zero-energy homes worldwide. Zero energy homes are customized to your region’s climate trend using location-specific data, delivering true home comfort anywhere you reside.

You can enjoy all-year comfort.
A zero energy home has a comfort device for heating and cooling that is extremely energy efficient, comfortable, and simple to use, making the home incredibly lovely to live in all year.

You can improve your health.
Zero-energy houses are designed with non-toxic finishes, fabrics, and surfaces, and integrated new air technologies are used. As a result, the house is a better place to visit.

You can relax and unwind in peace.
A zero-energy house has well-insulated walls, triple-pane glass, and is airtight. As a consequence, the house is silent and devoid of outside noises and smells.

You can protect yourself from the energy costs.
Energy prices are still volatile and tend to rise year after year. Since you produce all of the electricity you need on-site, you spend the same price over time – zero or near to zero – for a zero energy house.

You can make plans to increase the resale value of your home.
When you want to sell your zero energy home, durability, performance, and new technology are considered, resulting in a higher resale value.

You can take advantage of a clean energy source.
Living in a zero-energy house allows you to avoid polluting fossil fuels. Solar panels produce the electricity used in your home on your roof, which is clean and green.

You can own a low-maintenance home.
Zero energy homes need little upkeep and are simple to clean due to their sturdy, airtight construction and fresh air system. There will be no mold or water exposure since there is no moisture. Filtered fresh air ensures less pollution and better washing.

You can reduce the water bills.
Zero energy homes have water and energy-efficient dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets, as well as “water sense” controls on faucets and showers to conserve water and energy in your home.

You can become more optimistic.
That is a positive force. If you save more electricity than the average person, your zero energy home will produce more energy than it consumes, transforming it into a cheerful energy home. You will put the extra energy to good use by charging your electric vehicle, bicycle, electric yard appliances, or mobile devices.

You can quickly obtain instant hot water.
Many zero energy homes are built to save hot water by centrally positioning the water heater or using an energy-efficient circulated hot water system. The bonus is that you get nearly instant hot water for your shower while saving money on your water bill.

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You can let your home shine.
A zero energy home often employs carefully positioned energy-saving LED lights to provide bright light where it is needed and soft light where it is desired.

You can take advantage of quickly-cooked meals and dishes.
Many zero-energy homes use energy-efficient induction stovetops instead of polluting gas ranges, allowing you to prepare meals quicker and more precisely.

You can spend your money wisely.
A home is a good investment in your life. Since today’s zero energy homes are constructed to tomorrow’s expectations and cost less to buy from the start, the investment will pay for itself from the first to the last day.

The Bottom Line
Daniel Roberts Hempcrete saw this minor rise in each home’s construction cost will result in substantial energy savings throughout the entire life cycle, particularly true for decarbonization. Concentrating resources on decarbonizing housing would ensure that the post-pandemic recovery is both environmentally and economically equitable, solving two of our time’s most serious crises.


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