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Different Ways To Make A Mural in Your Home

Looking for a way to spruce up your home? Then, check out this list of great wall art ideas for your home!

If you’re looking for ideas on how to draw a mural, you’re in the right place. Panel Wall Art is the best proponent of canvas wall art to bring a lot of personality and interest to every space. Plus, they can provide more of a focal point than wallpaper would have. And, much like wallpaper, wallpaper can be easily mounted in any space or even made using removable decals – the ideal choice if you’re renting your home and want a simple upgrade.

Or, if you’re looking for a dab hand in drawing, why don’t you get very artistic and create a DIY mural of your freehand style, or use a custom wall art instead? It is the best way to incorporate a fantastic, intimate touch. If you want stickers, wallpaper, or paint, we have many ideas to get you started and suggestions on installing your wallpaper.

Before you start to hang, paint or stick on your wall, ensure that your wall is smooth and tidy. Whether you’re using paste-up or stick-on walls, the last thing you want is lumps and bumps sticking in, so fill and sand some teeth. Clean the wall to scrape flaking paint, and finish with a primer coat to seal the wall.

You may want to spray the base color for painted murals the night before, so it’s dried and ready for you to crack first. The light base color is better placed under stick-on walls since you need to make others of a partially translucent material. See all about the preparation and painting of a room in our guide. If you stick a mural on a newly painted wall, allow the paint to dry completely for two weeks.


Peel and stick a design on your wall.

If you are a bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to your decor, you can buy quickly replaceable peel and stick panels if you wish to refresh your room in the future. Just pick an online style, enter the dimensions of your wall, and they will deliver a mural to your house.

It’s a two-person job to apply them. When the panels come in, roll them out and unfurl the sides. Use the level of the spirit and the tape measure to draw the wall art’s distance from the edge of the wall. It would be best if you then hung the panels from left to right, taking a small portion of the back piece of paper to position the panel at the top of the wall before smoothing it into place.

Print a mural on your wall.

The murals are not just about painting a scene or an image on your wall. A larger-than-life print can give a striking impact without being distracting. These styles appear to have a more minimal paint range than any of the murals, making accessories selections more readily conscious. Nature-inspired designs in front of bright colors are cute, but they’ve grown up. Or watch out for asymmetric patterns with varying shapes and colors.

Blow up photos to fit your wall.

Do you have a shot you love? Forget printing and painting it – have it blown up to match the whole wall. If it’s a family vacation spot, your beloved album art, or even your face, make your space as personal as it can be with a creative design.


Build a mural using stickers.

An all-around wall will determine the furniture’s location – nobody wants to conceal the most valuable elements of the wall art behind a sofa or a bed. Sticking the decals to the painted backdrop ensures that you can build a more versatile wall in the design.

What’s more, if you like to alter the scheme, you can replace several wall art decals easily. It makes them ideal for a kid’s room – you’ll have a clear base color package for years if you add and delete stickers as their preferences change.

Go old school and paint a simple scene.

If you’re on a budget, painting your mural is the way to go. Many designs can be made freehand or with a stencil aid, from basic tree shapes to fuzzy clouds.

You don’t need to be wildly imaginative to make a fantastic mountain range, as seen on many Pinterest boards. Go for a one-color simple pattern wall art, or consider incorporating snow caps in a contrasting hue. You can add as much or as little info as you choose.

Renovate your wall to build a mural using the materials you need to build a wall.

We’re suckers for terrazzo and marble, so how would we afford the entire plinth of the real stuff on our walls, plus the bathroom wall will be underweight? So why don’t you create an image of your favorite content in full width around the room? Or, you fancy an industrial-style exposed brick, but you don’t want the effort or the plaster dust of the real thing? Get it up with brick-printed paper. Some wall paintings are available in clean, waterproof materials so that you can have the glam Carrara marble finish you’ve dreamed of in your kitchen or bathroom.

Turn your wall into a blackboard to create a new mural every month.

We know this isn’t precisely a mural, but a wall art decorated with chalkboard paint provides a backdrop for all your new projects. Once known as blackboard paint, it doesn’t have to be black anymore, with some firms selling a smooth, chalk-ready surface of any color. So, put a coat on the wall in your choice color, take a box of chalks and get artistic.

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