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The Black Dahlia CBD  – Experience a World of Superb Flavor and Aroma

The Black Dahlia CBD Confection Collection is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Derived from all-natural, premium, 100% organic ingredients sourced directly from farm to table, these handmade delights offer an indulgent aroma, flavor, and texture combination that will make your taste buds sing. Whether you’re looking for that perfect after-dinner treat or something to give as a unique gift to someone special, the Black Dahlia CBD Confections Collection has something for everyone. From classic caramels and truffles to regal cake pops and crunchy chocolate bark, each treat is made with the utmost attention to detail so they look as stunning as they taste. With a variety of tempting flavors like espresso cherry nut butter, mango macadamia nut butter, and raspberry cream cheese swirls available in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum forms, there’s no limit to what your palate can experience! So don’t wait any longer – discover the world of aromatic bliss that awaits with the Black Dahlia CBD Confections Collection today!

CBD Confections Collection

Black Dahlia CBD Confections provide a luxuriously indulgent take on classic cbd edibles with their innovative menu. Incorporating sustainably-farmed hemp cbd along with masterfully crafted flavors, these cbd gummies specialize in making sure every bite hits the right balance of both sweet and bold. Their unique flavor profiles deliver an experience like no other while remaining committed to all-natural ingredients and unmatched consistency. At Black Dahlia CBD Confections, you’ll find velvety gelées, heavenly chocolate ganache bonbons, and stimulating lollipops that offer a pronounced cbd fix without ever losing sight of quality and craftsmanship.

Peppermint Crunch CBD Bonbons

Black Dahlia’s Chocolate Peppermint Crunch CBD Bonbons are an indulgent treat that not only tastes great but also provides health and wellness benefits. Each cbd chocolate is made with the finest single-origin dark chocolate combined with crunchy peppermint bits that deliver a delightful flavor experience. Each bonbon contains 20mg of specially formulated, nano CBD-rich hemp oil and there are seven in each box. Made without any GMO ingredients, alcohol, THC, or gluten, these vegan cbd chocolates are all-natural, handmade with love, and created for supreme satisfaction. Take some time out for yourself – or gift someone special– with Black Dahlia’s delectable cbd chocolates.

CBD Lollipop Collection Vol. I

Black Dahlia’s CBD Lollipop Collection Vol. 1 allows you to experience the benefits of CBD-rich hemp oil in an indulgent way. This vegan lollipop set features five flavors inspired by popular locations, from Honeydew and Prickly Pear to Sweet Woodruff and Paloma, each containing 20mg cbd infused with specially formulated hemp oil. Enjoy a stimulating or calming effect throughout the day, knowing your lollipops are all-natural vegan options that are sugar-free, gluten-free, THC-free, non-GMO certified, and alcohol-free! With Black Dahlia’s CBD Lollipop Collection Vol. 1, you can indulge your sweet tooth guilt-free while still nourishing your body with cbd benefits.

Elderflower and Prickly Pear CBD Gelées

Experience a luxury confection with Black Dahlia CBD Gelées. Combining delicious flavors and velvety smooth textures, Elderflower and Prickly Pear gelées make for an exquisite treat you can indulge in guilt-free. Each gelée is packed with 20mg of canonized CBD-rich hemp oil, ensuring that you enjoy the many potential benefits without having to worry about psychotropic effects. Keeping in line with their commitment to providing quality products, they are entirely natural, vegan, gluten-free, THC-free, non-GMO, alcohol-free, and handmade with love right here in Los Angeles. With 10 cbd suckers per box, there’s plenty to go around!

Black Dahlia: A World of Aromatic Bliss

Discover the world of aromatic bliss that awaits with the Black Dahlia CBD Confections Collection! From velvety gelées and heavenly bonbons to stimulating lollipops and scrumptious gummies, this one-stop shop for all your cbd needs is sure to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your desire for indulgence. With all-natural ingredients, vegan options, and uncompromising quality, you can enjoy guilt-free CBD treats without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction. Don’t wait any longer and experience the sheer bliss of Black Dahlia CBD Confections!  Now your sweet tooth can have it both ways. Enjoy the flavors, enjoy the benefits. Visit us to explore our collection today!​

What’s the difference between CBD and ordinary chocolate?

The main difference between CBD and ordinary chocolate is the ingredients. CBD chocolates contain cannabidiol (CBD) or hemp oil, which has potential health benefits such as reducing inflammation and helping to regulate sleep cycles. Ordinary chocolate does not contain any of these compounds and is simply made from cocoa powder, sugar, milk, butter, and other ingredients. Additionally, many CBD chocolates are made without any GMO ingredients, alcohol, THC, or gluten making them a healthier choice. In comparison, ordinary chocolate may contain GMO ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, and other additives that make it less nutritious. Ultimately, the decision to choose between CBD-infused chocolates or ordinary chocolate is a personal one and should be based on individual preference, dietary needs, and health goals.

What are GMO ingredients?

GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients are products that have been altered at the genetic level in order to produce new traits or qualities. GMOs are frequently used in food production and can include ingredients like corn, soybeans, canola, and sugar beets. These ingredients have been linked to potential health risks such as the increased risk of cancer, allergies, and digestive issues. It is important to note that not all GMOs are created equal and some can be beneficial for consumers depending on the product. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to traditional snacks, look for products labeled as non-GMO or organic to ensure that no genetically modified ingredients have been used in their manufacture.


Black Dahlia CBD Confections Collection offers guilt-free indulgence with a variety of CBD-infused treats that not only tantalize the taste buds but also provide potential health benefits. From lollipops and gummies to gelées and bonbons, this luxurious selection is sure to satisfy all your cravings without having to worry about GMOs, alcohol, THC, or gluten. With all-natural ingredients and uncompromising quality, you can finally enjoy a sweet treat that’s as good for your body as it is for your taste buds!  So don’t wait any longer and experience the sheer bliss of Black Dahlia CBD Confections today!​

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