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Yoga Positions to Alleviate Painful Pregnancy Problems

Pregnancy pushes us to our limits, causing various aches and pains, from round ligament pain to back pain, gas pain, and more. Most expectant mothers are closely acquainted with some discomfort during their pregnancy.

Good thing there is yoga. Yoga is a remarkably safe and beneficial activity for pregnant women because, in addition to giving comfort, it may also help your body adapt for labor and delivery. Gentle motions and calm breathing may also help to relieve tension.

You can watch yoga videos or join live yoga classes for pregnancy yoga. Now, if you worry about the best and safe position, keep reading cause we’ve included the Yoga postures that pregnant women should perform according to the kind of pregnancy discomfort they’re feeling.

Yoga Positions to Alleviate Painful Pregnancy Problems

Pose for Discomfort During Pregnancy:
Belly Breathing Pose

Belly breathing may make you feel less uncomfortable while you’re moving out of bed or getting in and out of the vehicle. This is because belly breathing allows you to engage in your inner layers and gradually pull your abdominals in for additional support.

Feel your tummy expand into your hands as you inhale. Then, pull your fingers in over your belly on the exhale and imagine you’re embracing in around your belly like you’re giving baby an inside embrace.

Pose for Back Pain During Pregnancy:
Cat-Cow Pose

The cat-cow position relieves strain on the lower back while also stretching and supporting the ligaments that link the uterus to the pelvic. Unfortunately, the contractile tissue of the round ligaments may force your uterus into a posture that causes pain and backache if you’ve been sitting most of the time.


Go on all fours in a mat to do this posture. Gently curve your back into a cat posture as you exhale. Lift your head and lower your back into cow position on the inhalation, then repeat.

Pose for Round Ligament Pain During Pregnancy:
Leg Extension Pose

Your uterus grows from the size of an apple to the size of watermelon during pregnancy. So it’s no surprise that round ligament discomfort may be excruciating. Using the belly breath to embrace in on an exhale to assist when transitioning between poses or getting up from lying or sitting down is one of the most excellent ways to relieve that discomfort.

Stretch your left leg back on all fours, curl your toes under, and push your heel back. Stay still or gradually raise your leg. Switch sides once three breaths are held.

Pose for Lowering Stress During Pregnancy:
Modified Sun Salutations Pose

Yoga may help decrease stress in general, and let’s face it, expecting mothers have so much on their minds during pregnancy. To decrease tension and bring critical regions of the pelvis into balance, More recommends practicing approximately 15 minutes of yoga each day, such as a mild version of Sun Salutations.

Standing, extend your arms above, then down to your thighs to complete this position. Next, stretch your spine, then take a step back with your left foot and kneel. After reaching your arms up, proceed into a kid posture.

Pose for Getting Centered During Pregnancy:
Easy Pose

More suggests beginning a pregnant yoga practice by sitting in Sukhasana (Easy Pose) and concentrating on your breath for a few minutes. To achieve this posture, sit cross-legged and concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes.

With all of the tests you’ll be taking, as well as all of the newness and the extensive transformative period you’re in, breathing is one of the most accessible and most essential things you can do to begin to achieve good mental health and balance.

Pose for Promoting Sleep During Pregnancy:
Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Carrying a baby in your tummy is an exhausting job, and obtaining a good night’s sleep becomes more difficult as the pregnancy continues. Try reclining bound angle, a restorative posture that may help you sleep better.

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For this position, lower your back onto a propped-up bolster or cushion, bring your feet’ soles together, lay your belongings on the pillow, and relax.

Pose for Relieving Belly Weight During Pregnancy:
Downward-Facing Dog Pose

It may be exhausting to carry your developing infant around all day. Downward-Facing Dog relieves strain on the pelvis and relieves the continuous downward pressure experienced during pregnancy.

Begin on your hands and knees, arms halfway forward, then raise your sit bones into the sky and grind down with your hands. Maintain a forward bend in your knees and a little downward pressure on your heels. Take three deep breaths and hold them for at least three seconds.

Pose for Swelling During Pregnancy:
Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

Swelling in your legs and feet is very common among pregnant women due to all of the additional blood and fluid your body produces. The good news is that this yoga position may relieve strain on your feet and legs, which may provide some comfort.

To do this pose, lower your back onto a propped-up bolster or cushion and raise your legs onto the wall, holding for a few moments. Make sure there’s enough room between the bolster and the wall for you to sit comfortably.

Pose for Gas or Constipation During Pregnancy:
Open Twist in Sukhasana Pose

Burps may be particularly striking during pregnancy. Of course, any exercise may help start things flowing in a yoga practice, but the open twists pose the yoga pose for gas and constipation relief. To prevent squeezing your tummy, always twist away from your body rather than toward it.

To fulfill this position, sit cross-legged on the floor and slowly slide to the right, putting your right hand behind your waist. Return to the middle and twist to the left, slightly behind you with your left hand.

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