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What Kind of Water is Best for Baby Formula

All water appears the same, but the sources of water are not produced equal. It is not only a matter of taste; it is also valid in terms of the safety of drinking water. You might wonder if your tap water is healthy enough to use for making formula if you are mixing infant formula at home.

To ensure that the water you use to make baby formula is healthy, here’s what parents like you need to know.

Fluoride Concerns

Concerns about water containing higher fluoride concentrations (greater than 0.7mg/l) have been raised by the American Dental Association (ADA). Fluoride can be good and protective for dental health, but higher levels can cause fluorosis in developing teeth.

Fluorosis is not a disease of the teeth. Rather, it occurs on your baby’s developing teeth as discoloration, which can show on the enamel as white spots or lines. This coloration imperfection occurs on your baby’s permanent teeth as they are still developing in the gums.

Fluoride is found in most powdered baby formulas. But not in Holle Formula as they ensure that the fluoride in their milk are less than 0.7mg/L. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that parents can use de-fluoridated filtered water most of the time if a child primarily drinks infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water. This would help reduce the chance of too much fluoride that can lead to the teeth’ fluorosis.

What Kind of Water Can You Use For Baby Formula?

There are some things that need to be kept in mind when using baby formula. For baby formula, most prescriptions will advise you that you need to use clean water. This might be very frustrating as you could be wondering what healthy water for babies feeding with formula is.

Checking the nature and quality of the water that comes to your house is always advisable. This will provide you with an idea of how safe to use it is. A better way to sort things out is to find a doctor, too.

Types of Water You Can Use :

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  1. Bottled Water Just For Babies: It is a healthier choice to use bottled water for babies as the water is often filtered for the little one to drink. However, once again, make sure to check the bottle definition for quality.

  2. Tap Water: In the baby formula, tap water is not recommended for use. Well, there are areas where water is highly pure, and this can be used. However, tap water has other chemical compounds in it in certain countries, which may lead to complications.

  3. Bottled Water: You must be wondering if you can use bottled water for baby formula after all this little information given to you? As long as there are no additional components added to it for flavor, bottled water is fantastic. It is certainly important to carry review when buying bottled water.

Should You Boil The Water?

Making sure that the water is clean and pure is important and that it is completely safe for children. Boiled water gives you the confidence that bacteria and germs of all kinds are destroyed. However, make sure that you cool the boiled water before preparing baby formula.

Distilled Water for Baby Formula

There is hardly any research or disclaimer that says that you need to use only distilled water in your baby formula. However, it is very clear that distilled water has been filtered and refined, so it may be the best one to use with your baby formula.

What Kind of Water Should You Avoid?

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1. Well water
You can not be sure how clear the water in the well is. Rainwater collected from the ground should, in fact, be healthy on its own. But it is best to stop it because it absorbs all the dust and impurities from the atmosphere.

2. Water Containing High Fluoride Levels
You may have learned that when making baby formula for your little one, fluoride is completely safe to use. However, this is not true as high fluoride levels can lead to problems for your little one.

In the water, you need to find out the fluoride material. If it’s less than 0.7mg/L, then you’re all right to go. You can often spot bottled water that specifically states that it is demineralized and filtered, which is baby formula water that is comparatively safe.


At this point, your little one needs the best of all, drinking water included. We might think at times that it’s just water, and there’s no need to panic. However, know that water is one of the most common items that, if it is not safe, may cause a lot of complications. So make sure that you do the quality check to keep your baby healthy and free from any health problems.

To keep your child safer from its milk containing fluoride, make sure to get a formula that uses only the proper amount of fluoride and not having greater than 0.7mg/L. You can check out Holle Formula for natural organic milk that provides the safest and healthiest formula for your child.

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