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Here Is How CBD Lube Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Lately, the word about the wonders of CBD has spread rapidly, giving way to its application in almost everything. No wonder why it has even reached the bedroom.

Ranging from edibles to drinks and from supplements to pet treats, almost every product today has its own CBD-infused version as a result of the growing industry of companies that make use of cannabidiol. These products are well-received by consumers due to the health benefits they promise. More than that, though, some CBD items also appeal to customers because of the pros it offers to take sex to a higher level. Popular among this kind is CBD lube.

For the knowledge of everybody, a lube or sex lubricant is used to induce more enjoyment for both parties during sex. This is especially handy for women because it minimizes the risk of lacerations on their vagina. Moreover, this can be a game-changer for those who are undergoing the menopausal stage wherein sex drive is extremely low, vaginal dryness is frequent, and penetration is painful.

There are many CBD lotions and other topical solutions available on the market that can serve as lube. However, experts warn against the use of these because the chemical and artificial scents they contain may lead to adverse reactions in the more sensitive regions of the body. No one wants to turn their sex experience into a painful fiasco, so it is highly advised to use only CBD products that are specially created as a sex lubricant by companies like cmbMD.

Now that CBD lube is already a thing, it is just relevant to discuss its potential sex-related advantages. This article explains how this product can be easily the missing thing that couples need to enhance their sex life.

CBD lube alleviates pain

Women have different levels of tolerance when it comes to pain. This is the reason why some experience more pain during sexual intercourse than others. In a worst-case scenario, this discomfort can be too much to handle, which then leads to a less active sex life. As a matter of fact, numbers show that pain hides 40% of women from enjoying – or worse, experiencing – intimacy and pleasure with their partners.

For individuals who can relate to this, this type of lubricant is equipped with anti-inflammatory properties that are derived from cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Considering that pain is mostly caused by inflammation, CBD lube can help manage and control it, reducing and making sex more endurable in the process.

CBD lube combats erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs when one encounters difficulties in getting or keeping an erection firm enough to perform sexual intercourse. This can be caused by problems with blood flow in the reproductive organ, nerve supply, and hormones. Thanks to CBD lube, men need not worry about this anymore.

According to Kianna Reeves, a sex expert and the director of education at Foria Wellness, CBD is a substance that can act as a vasodilator, which means that it can enhance blood circulation. With this, the lube can help increase the flow of blood to the genitals and erectile tissue network. This, in turn, leads to increased sexual arousal and higher sensitivity levels that can assist men in achieving and maintaining an erection.

What’s more is that anecdotal evidence from users indicates that apart from addressing erectile dysfunction, CBD lube can also yield longer-lasting sex and more intense orgasms.

CBD lube relaxes muscles

There are instances when tension and nerves accompany couples in bed. Since this usually makes the muscles stiff, it poses challenges in moving around and getting comfortable with each other. It is for this reason as well that CBD lube is a must-have.

Before cannabidiol was infused to lubricants, it has been incorporated to produce different muscle tension relieving products. As a lube, meanwhile, this remains a potent muscle-tension reliever since it can assist people, particularly women, in relaxing their muscles in the pelvic area. These include the uterus, bladder, internal anal sphincter, and pelvic floor. From that, it can be assumed that it can lead to less painful sex and faster orgasm.


Although the trend of CBD is only at its early stages with everyone admitting that more research is still needed, it is undeniable that its industry continues to grow as shown by the steady rise in the number of products being infused with cannabidiol. Among which are CBD lubricants and creams such as the cbdMD CBD moisturizing lotion.

This new sex addition may raise many eyebrows, but it shows promise when talking about effectivity and benefits inside the bedroom. Truly, exploring something new in one’s sex life can become a difficult task. But having regard to the advantages presented, CBD lube can just be what is needed to spice things up in the bedroom. Learn more on cbdMD about CBD lube!




This article was created by Jen, a writer, and blogger of LifeStyleConvo & UrbanHouses, who worked as a full-time content creator. She is a writer by day and reader by night.

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