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Meet the Honey That Can Blow Your Mind!

Ready to go crazy with mad honey?

Who’s not in love with honey? This golden, oily, super sweet concoction of Mother Nature is a true marvel. It is high in sugars, fats, calcium, and potassium. It’s an elixir of renewable resources. Forget about Redbull. People used to drink this stuff decades ago, and they’re all drinking it now.

Okay, that’s enough praise for something as common as honey. We know what you’re dreaming about. Is this yet another post with a confusing title? Luckily, no. I’ve heard about this crazy kid myself only recently. Himalaya mad honey is plain honey with a psychedelic twist. That’s right, man. It’s a honey that has psychedelic drug’s characteristics, along with standard vitamins and sweetness and everything. And this psychedelic property isn’t artificial. It’s totally normal. So there are no humans that are adulterating honey with pesticides or anything. These are the mad honey bees. They’re the ones accountable. You can now buy mad honey online.

We all know how well the honey is produced? For the unenlightened, mad honey is produced when the mad honey bees drink nectar from the flowers and place it in their nests along with their intestinal enzymes that create honey. Is it appetizing? Sorry people, but that’s how the honey is made. It’s a vomit of bees that we taste and love. We’re sorry for destroying honey for you, but hey, it is what it is. Bees are gathering honey from millions of different flowers of different plants. So if you were going to compare and contrast honey from different nests, you would find minute differences in their makeup. Buy mad honey online to compare the difference with other honeys.

This is clear evidence that the kind of honey you will get is completely dependent on the flowers that the bees collect their nectar from. So let’s go on a trip to Nepal, which is very popular for this Himalaya mad honey.

The Gurung Tribe

In Nepal, the cliffs are lined by immense hives along the steep ridges of the Himalayas. These hives for the Himalaya mad honey are now famous for the Gurung tribe. Rhododendron trees flush the mountain. The strength of this plant and some others is extracted from Himalaya mad honey. There is a toxin called Grayanotoxins that are neurotoxins in the flowers of these plants. The mad honey bees extract the nectar and conceal it in their hives from these floral poisons. Toxins are not harmful to the mad honey bees themselves. Animals who unintentionally consume this poison, though, become victims of consuming the flowers. If humans were to take a large enough dose, it would kill them. They can cause major problems in the body at moderate doses. But if taken in moderation and at the right amounts, mad honey effects are the same as psychedelic mushrooms. Buy mad honey online to experience the same kind of high.

The Gurung tribes have been collecting this honey for generations and drinking it daily in carefully calculated amounts. In fact, this honey is due to its fitness, durability, and agility. The Gurung people go through a lot to harvest a batch of mad honey, and there are only two harvest seasons in a year. According to the local tribes, mad honey is particularly stronger during the springtime. They scale the high cliffs with nothing but handmade hempen rope and wooden ladders. Smoke is used to confuse and scatter bees, while large pieces of honey-laden waxy beehives are cut and stored in wicker baskets.

The highest prescribed dose for the first timers is a small teaspoon. Taking any more than the recommended dosage will lead to an upset stomach, migraines, and fainting. Mad honey effects are also sensed on the diaphragm, making it impossible to breathe. Sometimes it can be deadly, even though individual deaths are rare. This honey is obviously not intended for children. It is difficult to assess the honey potency since the quality of the Grayanotoxin in the flowers ranges from season to season.


Recreational drug
It is a natural psychedelic (like magic mushrooms), but the mad honey effects on the body are moderate relative to other substances. It is not smoked, so the lungs are healthy and are not made by toxic chemical processes like other hazardous artificial prescription drugs. People often apply this Himalaya mad honey to their bottle of liquor to make an extra kick. The results are nearly instantaneous. When taken in the proper amount, it is stated to contribute to fun inebriation. Caution is recommended, however, as different individuals respond in different ways.

Traditional medicine
In the past, Himalaya mad honey has been used in conventional remedies in various countries. Indian Ayurveda and Chinese traditional remedies record Himalaya mad honey, usually for digestive problems and skin ailments. People in Nepal use it to prevent asthma, hypertension, and obviously, surprisingly, amazingly for sexual dysfunction. There have been many reports of (non-fatal) overdose by young and middle-aged people who use it as a sexual enhancement drug.

Now that you have read the entirety of this article we hope that we have convinced you to buy mad honey online. It is the most interesting, natural, and sweet way to get a good buzz. Contact Best Mad Honey so you can get crazy.

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